Gold Stacking Ring

I recently made this white gold stacking ring using the customers gold and stones. Here are just a few photos I took in the workshop while making the ring.

gold-stacking-rings (6)



gold-stacking-rings (7)

gold-stacking-rings (8)

gold-stacking-rings (9)


gold-stacking-rings (4)


If you have a piece of jewellery you would like made, feel free to contact me

Growing Talent Exhibition

Growing Talent Goldsmiths

I was in London recently so got the chance to visit Goldsmiths hall to see the ‘Growing Talent’ exhibition. The idea behind this show was to bring together silvermsiths and jewellers who have been supported by the Goldsmiths’ Company showing the development in their work. So they would display their new and old work along side each other.

Each of the participants will show an early piece from their very first Goldsmiths’ Fair alongside one of their most recent pieces, demonstrating how their designs and skills have developed over the interim time.

It was a great display of craftsmanship and was packed with the most intricate, perfectly formed pieces but the really amazing thing in the show was how it showed the development of each maker. It was so interesting to take in the earlier pieces and then examine how the themes had evolved and changed. At first glance some work looked liked it had been made by a completely different person but on closer inspection you can see the same theme running through the work with each makers individual approach shining through in their work.

I think seeing two pieces from each maker is a really clever idea for a show as their design signature and style are even more evident especially when you see the time period between some of the pieces.

The other thing I really liked about the show was the catalogue. I normally flick through the catalogue and don’t give it a second look. Whereas this one had a short interview with each maker asking really interesting questions like ‘Who has influenced you most as a maker and ‘What piece of jewellery or silverware would you most like to own’

Since reading this I’m still trying to answer these questions for myself!

Katie Roberts

Olivia Lowe


Kamila Ruberg

Susan Jane Dunford


Tomasz Donocik

Kerry Seaton

Samantha Moore



Barrel polishing and Other New Years Resolutions

Eileen's Bench

I know February is a bit late to be starting new years resolution but I’ve had a busy January so decided now is as good a time as any to take stock and plan ahead. Besides the usual eat less, exercise more resolutions I’ve got some workshop related ones that I’m hoping will make for a more harmonious work environment!

I treated myself to some new tools before Christmas so my first resolution involves mastering one of these. The barrel polisher.

It’s taken me a few years to buy this as I’ve gone from wanting one, to thinking I can do without it! As the workshop has gotten much busier and the need to polish lots of pieces quickly increased I did my research and saw the best way to get the finish I wanted in a efficient time was with a barrel polisher. Thanks to the advice of many jeweller friends I got this lovely one online from UKGE

Barrel Polisher
I had planned to spend a quiet day in January playing around with the polisher. Trying different finishes and basically just figuring out what works best for me but with Showcase and some other jobs I’ve been working on my lovely polisher got left on the shelf until I could give it the time it deserved.
So there’s my first new years resolution, become a barrel polishing ninja.

Barrel polisher

Barrel polisher shot

My second resolution is the leave my bench tidy every evening before I leave the workshop. Now let me just qualify this by saying I’m not a messy person and by other workshop standards my bench is pretty tidy. But I’ve noticed that there always a few minutes in the morning spent getting everything set up. I’m at my most productive in the morning so it doesn’t make sense for me to spend some of this time tidying. New organised me has decided this should be done in the evening when winding down and finishing up for the day. I can just potter around the workshop putting tools away, sorting jobs for the following day while listening to a good podcast.

Silversmiths Bench

So there you have it my new years resolutions. Of course I will keep you posted on my progress. The barrel polisher will be easier to write about as I will be able to post my results. As for the perfectly tidy bench every evening… you’ll have to just trust me on that one 🙂