Business Cards

'Cow' Adam Hally

This week as well as buying new tools I went about sorting some business cards.┬áNot that I’ll get the opportunity to hand them out on the streets of Macroom but I have signed up for Barcamp in Cork this month. You don’t really see many business cards in my little silver world so I had no idea where to start. Anyway I was directed to Moo which is a great website that gives you lots of different templates and designs. I opted for the mini business card size, partly to save the environment and partly because I’m not sure I am adult enough for a big persons business card! Anyway rather than using a picture of my work which I’m afraid I would outgrow in a few months I picked an image from a book I have about women silversmiths in the 18th century. The cards are winging their way to me as I type so as soon as they arrive I’ll put up some pictures of them and explain the inspiration behind them.

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