Yippee for Aldi!

As I’m starting out I’m constantly on the look out for cheaper ways to set up my workshop. There are lots of tools you can’t skimp on, so anything that I can save money on is welcomed. I was in Aldi the other day and I found this great welding apron. I know it probably isn’t for everyone but I was like a child at Christmas! And imagine my joy when I discovered it came with gloves. All for the bargain price of €14.99!

While soldering isn’t as dangerous as welding it’s still very handy to have something heat resistant to protect your clothes. Thankfully being short has its advantages so with the piece I cut off I’m going to use it as a bench skin. (jewellers bench skins usually cost around €50!) A bench skin is tacked below your bench to catch anything dropped into it and also to collect metal fillings/offcuts which can be sold back to your metal supplier as scrap.

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