Fools Day Facts about silver

Since today is April Fools Day I’ve gathered lots of interesting facts about silver but it’s up to you to decide whether you believe them or not!

  • Silver has the most thermal and electrical conductivity of all the metal elements.
  • Silver is used for water purification because it prevents bacteria growth.
  • Silver can protect you from werewolves.
  • It is illegal to use silver as a food decorative in Australia.
  • Silver is the whitest colour of any metal.
  • Consequently dogs can’t see silver.
  • The word silver comes from the Anglo- Saxon word seolfar.
  • Rolls Royce jet engines use high performance silver coated bearings  to give their engines a higher degree of safety.
  • Silver is mentioned in the bible in the book of Genesis.
  • Silver is harder than gold but softer than copper.
  • Lance Armstrong used silver coated fabric in his clothing in the Tour de France to help control inflammation and promote healing during the race.
  • The symbol for silver Ag comes from the Latin word Argentum meaning silver. That is how Argentina got it’s name.
  • Alexander the Great was advised by Aristotle to store boiled water in silver containers to prevent diseases caused by contaminated water.
  • Silver iodide is used to make clouds produce rain.
  • Silver Fulminate is an explosive.
  • Silver is so malleable it can be pounded to a thinness of 6/10000 of a millimeter and a single ounce of silver can be stretched into a wire over 48km long.


I might have made up the fact about the dog!

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