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My Bench
My Bench

Since this is my 100th blog post I decided to share some ideas I have for my future work and future posts.

I’m planning to do a monthly update on my business and how I sell my jewelry online. I intend to do one of these posts every month so I can share handy tips and tricks with any of you out there interested in selling your artwork. As well as sharing all the things I’ve learned it will give me an opportunity to look over the developments of each month.

I’ve included some photos of the workshop and the images I have over my bench that influences new pieces that I’m working on at the moment.

I’ve done this for two reasons.. firstly since this is number 100 I thought I keep it light on text, I think after this many articles my keyboard deserves a slow day!

Secondly now that I’ve shown you what inspires me and told you that I’m working on new pieces I’ll have no where to hide! I’ll have to just set aside the time from all the other work and make time to develop this range.

If you have any suggestions for the next hundred posts be sure to email me at


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