Making Silver Earrings

Today I’ve been working on a pair of silver hoop style earrings. I could lie and say they are for a customer but the truth is I’ve decided to give myself a little Friday treat!  This isn’t a regular occurrence…honestly!

I begin this job just like I would for any customer with sketching. I had a few ideas of what I wanted but there’s nothing like seeing it on paper to help me make my mind up.

Sketching Silver Earrings

I’ve decided to go with the middle design and alter the curve as I’m making them if necessary.

I begin by getting the silver wire the correct thickness. This just requires a few runs through my roller.

Reducing size of silver wire using rolling mill

Then I cut the lengths of wire and begin curving. I have my lovely glittery pink half round pliers for this job. I usually wouldn’t use a pliers for this job but the silver has been well annealed this pliers has extra special soft curves so it won’t mark my pretty earrings.

Making Silver Earrings

Adjusting the curve of silver earrings

Then I need to decide how much of a curve I want before I begin soldering. I just tape the wires together and see what looks best on me!

Checking curve of silver earrings

Once I’ve decided on the depth of the curve I can start soldering the wires together.

Soldering Silver Earrings

Well I had better get back to ‘real’ customers jobs…will post the finished product next week.

Have a good weekend.

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