Time flies when you’re busy in the workshop!

I’ve neglected the blog for a few weeks as I’ve been busy in the workshop designing commission pieces and making a new range of jewellery. So I’ve missed out on talking about lots of great things that have been happening in the silversmithing and jewellery world.

One event that I always like writing about is Goldsmiths Fair which takes place in London every year. The show runs for two weeks with a different group of makers exhibiting each week.

So I thought I’d share a few pictures from one of the award winners and discuss the awards that were presented over the two week show.

The first week the “Best New Design Award” was presented to Max Warren. Peter Ting presented the award. It was lovely to see his name involved with Goldsmiths Fair. Peter was a guest lecturer in the art college I attended and was the person who introduced me to the work of lots of great makers.

I’ve tried to find some good images of Max’s work but unfortunately none of them do the work justice. His pieces are created using traditional silversmithing techniques and uses hand engraving to amazing effect to create a play on light and shade. using different cuts he engraves an image into the silver which alters as the light catches it from different angles. Now you understand why it doesn’t lend itself to being photographed!

Jacqueline Gestetner judged the award for week two and presented the prize to Adi Toch. I discussed Adi work last year. She creates these amazing forms which work are not only beautiful but very functional.

The bulbous vessels are just calling to be picked up and used. I love her salt pots because they are so brilliantly functional. If they are knocked over none of the salt will spill out.

Adi Toch




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