My New Bench

Silversmiths Bench

I’ve been rearranging the workshop this week to make room my new jewellers bench. I bought the bench from a jeweller who was retiring after 40 years of jewellery making.  Since this was a piece of furniture I was going to be spending a lot of time sitting at I needed to make sure it would be perfect. I had looked into buying a new bench but they seemed a bit light and I wanted a bench that I could happily cut, hammer and solder at without fear of collapse! So when I found this bench that had been in use for 20 years I knew it could withstand the stresses of life in a busy silversmiths workshop.

The height of the bench is extremely important. The bench needs to be high enough so you can have the jewellery you are making at the correct eye level. Also since I spend much of my day sitting at the bench it needs to be high enough so I am not hunched over the bench doing damage to my back.

What makes a jewellers bench different from any other workbench is the semi circle cut out in the middle. This is to ensure you can sit close to the work and with a bench skin or tray it allows you to collects scrap. I find it really handy when working on tiny components, if you drop one it will more than likely fall in to your bench tray.

Bench Peg

Unfortunately there was one casualty from the move, my bench peg snapped while I was trying to remove it, so I’ll have to make another one. It was on its last legs as it has been cut and drilled into one too many times so it was nearing retirement.

I’m loving working on the new bench, all my favourite tools have found their homes as the previous owner has left the handy clips and hooks for the pliers, soldering torch and piercing frame.

Jewellers Tools


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