Button Sculpture

Since it’s Friday I went looking for something colourful to share. I came across the work of Augusto Esquivel a few months ago but couldn’t remember his name so I went Google – ing. Coming from Ireland the name Augusto Esquivel doesn’t roll off the tongue!

Anyway after looking at lots of brightly button sculptures I found what I was looking for…

This Miami based artist works with buttons to created amazing suspended sculptures. Beside the intricate nature of the work  I love the objects he choses to create in this medium. There is a wonderful mix of musical instruments, antique clocks and gramophones mixed with toilets and yellow ducks all hanging beautifully together.

I can’t image how difficult this exhibition would be to invigilate, if I were a child let loose in that gallery I would want to run through them creating havoc!

Have a great weekend!

I’ve added this song because I haven’t been able to stop singing it since I wrote this blog post

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